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Clarity Gift Set

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Exercise and refresh mindfulness + reconnect with purpose and enhanced attention with Clarity. 

Package Includes: 8oz clarity soak + 4oz clarity oil + orange spice tea in gifting jar + metal tea ball & self care card all thoughtfully wrapped and ready for gifting. 

Orange Spice Tea: A whimsical blend forged from a traditional black tea brimming with rich flavours + health benefits. Energizing + Uplifting

Clarity Salt Bath: Spark clarity + focus with this energizing and revitalizing soak that will soothe your body + restore your soul. (now with magnesium) 

Clarity Herbal Oil: Energizing + Revitalizing. Bath oil ritual + Body oil  ritual. Allow intoxicating aromatics and nourishing hydrating oils envelop your body and soul. 

I believe in simple natural ingredients. I hope you find joy + comfort in my products. May they provide extra rest + much needed nutrition our busy modern world often depletes us of. 

Farmed + Wildcrafted Botanicals. Proudly Crafted in Alberta.