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Curated with Community in mind

Copper Barrel Mercantile is committed to being a business that you can be proud to support. We sell beautiful handmade goods from around the world and for that reason we have a very strict code of ethics that our vendors and artisans need to align with before we bring any products under the Copper Barrel brand. We hope you take the time to explore the list below to better understand our dedication to providing a standard that you can trust to be ethic and kind. 

Curated with Community in mindCurated with Community in mind

Ethically sourced 

• Facilities are not involved in any form of child or forced labour 

• Working Conditions in factories are certified as safe, hygienic and comply with local fire codes. This includes any adjacent dormitories for employees.

• A fair compensation of at least minimum wage in local laws has been established. 

Skillfully Handmade 

The quality of handmade products crafted from generations of skills passed down is incomparable. We are devoted to seeking out the highest quality of beautifully handmade pieces that reflect and respect the local artisans.

We value the opportunity to be able to connect the beautiful traditions of handcrafted goods with those that also value the importnace of supporting sustainable and ethically sourced pieces for their home and office.