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Boundless Scarf

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Designed in Vancouver. Erin is a hand-lettering virtuoso with an affinity for drawing an eclectic mix of the things she loves; cats, bikes, and veggies.

Made with super soft 100% cotton for beautiful breathability and drape. Flowy 72"x40" scarf with artistic hand-screened prints and complementary edge trims + tasseled edges. Flora + Fauna at its finest. 


  • Boundless artfully winds beauty and danger, past and present, and modern motifs with mystical tales in this tapestry-inspired design. Hand-painted ink drawings and a two-color print technique evoke woven jacquard textiles of the past. Greyhounds, frogs and other animals leap through their natural environment, in this updated nod to the traditional. Complementary patterns within the collection add to its boundless appeal.
  • Allow the whimsical narrative of the Boundless Printed Scarf by Danica Studio to carry you away into a realm of magic and inspiration. Dancing through an enchanted jungle, these moonlit creatures invite you to follow your passions.
  • Hand wash and hang to dry.