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Cheech + Chong Set

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Cheech + Chong cactus set nestled in two handmade pre-loved pottery  mugs. A super funny pair to add to your cactus collection. Sure to make you smile ...I mean ...look at those teeth. 

Cheech + Chong (Plant) Care: 


H20: Allow soil to dry-out before re-watering. Do not overwater as this can lead to waterlogged roots and rot.

Light: They like a lot of bright, indirect light. Some sun now and again will be of some benefit, but avoid harsh sunlight as this may scorch the plant. (you don't actually want them up in smoke) 

Pets: They are non-toxic, however the spines are sharp. Please take care when handling and do not consume.

Food: Boost with a high potassium fertilizer during the summer months.

Temperature: Cheech + Chong are happy anywhere between 10-27°C. Avoid cold draughts as these can create unwanted temperature fluctuations which might shock the plant.