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Birthday. she.her.hers

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made to celebrate another year around the sun.


contents in wooden birch keepsake box. Made in Strathmore, AB. 

Buck na.ked soap company. Bath bomb set. A long soak in the bath is the ultimate for relaxation, but it can also leave your skin feeling dry and itchy. With a blend of conditioning and moisturizing, our hand-picked bath bombs help maintain a healthy-looking, hydrated skin even as you bathe. This set includes one Lemongrass + Energizing Marigold Bath Bomb. Made in Ontario, Canada.

Eye Trinket Holder. Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. I am a huge fan of this piece and it's not because its got a beautiful gold finish - although that is part of the reason. (I am like a magpie attracted to shiny +sparkly things)  I use mine for my smudge stick rather than jewelry and it always reminds me to feel connected to my third eye. Featuring the mystical eye at the center, this dish has a rounded shape that serves as a decorative tray for holding trinkets + jewelry + crystals + small treasures. A lovely gift + reminder for yourself or that spirtual person in your life to stay centered. Size: 4"long x 6.5"wide x .75"high- Gold finish. Imported by Indaba, Canada. 

Sweetsmith Candy co. Happy Birthday. There's always a reason to celebrate and there's always time for a party... in your mouth! This one is for the young and young at heart. You're never too mature for sprinkles! Made in Strathmore, AB.

Birthday twist confetti popper (7.5" long) + party confetti in a bag because ...well we just can't have enough sparkle on our special day. 

Obviously it's wrapped beautifully in our signature keepsake birch box with a sparkler on top.  Have something special to say? Let me know and I will ensure it's written on a special note card, because I know we cannot always be together in body.