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Ziggy Water Bottle

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The gift of stylish H20.

Are you drinking enough water at your desk? I am going to say...probably not. Ziggy is here to help in its stylish + beautiful bottle. 

Fill it and put it on your desk....look at it + listen to it calling...drink me. drink me. When your re-filling it at the water cooler and someone comments on how adorable it is ..... make sure you share where you got it. (wink-wink)

1=156. 1 reusable water bottle replaces 156 plastic water bottle per person, per year. So let's do it in style together. Ziggy style. 

Zero Waste. 17oz Sustain Ziggy Water Bottle. 500ml. Single Walled. Glass. 

Designed in Vancouver + proudly supporting with every purchase. 

Care: Hand wash only.