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dreamer. essentail spray.

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Handcrafted in Alberta - by me.

100ml bottle of dreamy goodness. 

Floral undertones sweet enough to encourage afternoon day dreams + cat naps. In a world where you can "do anything" it is essential to keep dreaming.

Spray that sh*t on everything mist. -Its like a secret weapon in your regimen adding a boost of hydration + nutrition. Before that big meeting + presentation. Try it after a shower (morning or evening) Works well as a mid-afternoon work refresh + pick me up. A cool down after hike or a day in the sun. Mark the transition from work to play. Before + during + after a yoga session. To set an intention before meditation. To clear that stagnant air in the car + locker room + ect. Brain fog + inspiration pick me up. Bedroom linens refresh. Sweet Dreams. 

Ingredients: distilled H20 + witch hazel + chamomile + lavender + sage + vanilla.