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Infused Lavender Sugar

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65 gram || 100ml ReusableTube

Organic Cane Sugar + Farmed Lavender = Infused Sweetness.

A variety of ways to use + Inspiration: Stir in lemonade + use as a sweetener for iced or hot tea + add to whipped cream + mix into a cake or cupcake batter as you would regular sugar (or half strength) + flavour a cocktail by either turning lavender into a simple syrup or lining the rim of a glass with the flavoured sugar + make lavender ice cream + blend into softened butter along with other herbs like thyme and basil + sprinkle on top of sugar cookies or scones + add to homemade jelly + garnish homemade candies. (The sugar can be used in candy recipes where sugar isn't boiled, but it is not recommended in a recipe that calls for boiling sugar syrup since the lavender bits in the sugar might cause sugar to crystallize) sprinkle over fresh fruit + enjoy with tea + hot chocolate or gift to your sweetest friend. 

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