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Moon Glass Tea Infuser

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  • Inspired and created by the tea-loving designers in Vancouver,  this unique infuser lets you enjoy endless refills steeped to perfection at work and at home.
  • Feel the simple, yet wondrous presence of the moon as it glows across the surface in the splendor of its many phases. White orbs and crescents are arranged in a predictable pattern, pulling you into the soothing rhythm of this lovely lunar collection.
  • But this tea infuser really shines for on-the-go sipping thanks to the double-walled construction that keeps your tea warm while offering a cool touch. Made from borosilicate glass with an ultrafine stainless steel removable infuser, this durable travel bottle is perfect for road trips, running errands, school and office. Say "goodbye" to soggy tea bags and paper waste with this reusable container that lets you savor freshly brewed loose-leaf tea or your favorite infused cold-water recipe anytime.
    • 12 oz Capacity
    • Double Wall Glass, Removable Stainless Steel Infuser
    • Bamboo Lid
    • Hand Wash