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Myth Bandana

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Designed in Vancouver.

Adorned with our Danica Studio prints, these silky soft bandanas are a unique and versatile complement to your wardrobe. Wear around your neck, on your wrist or tie one to your tote to create your own signature style. 21" x 21" square. 

This product is made from recycled materials and has undergone an additional "softening" process to ensure it feels nice against the skin. Hem is rolled so that there is not a large hem exposed when wearing, for aesthetic purposes.

Myth reimagines symbolic storytelling with simplified forms of birds and foliage. Block-print is used to play out a pattern of doves that seem to dart and dive amongst sprouting foliage, blossoming blooms and arching rainbows. Loose shapes are balanced with line-work details to create a handcrafted tale of the cycles of the seasons and the simple beauty of our natural surroundings.

Care Instructions. 85% Recycled Cotton / 15% Recycled Polyester. Machine wash cold delicate, hang to dry.