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Summer Sage Bundles

The Timeless Tradition of Prairie Sage. Originating in the prairies and grasslands of North America, prairie sage has been cherished by many cultures for its healing, cleansing, and spiritual properties much like white sage, but indigenous and abundant in our region.

A Universal Tradition. Smudging with sage - a practice where the smoke from burning cleanses spaces, objects, and individuals - can be embraced by anyone seeking peace, clarity, and positive energy. This ritual transcends cultural boundaries, inviting everyone to experience its purifying effects.

Create Your Own Sage Ritual. Embrace the power of prairie sage and create a ritual that resonates with you. These sweet bundles are perfect for anyone looking to cleanse their space, promote healing, or simply invite energy into their lives. I personally love burning one under the full moon as I release matters that no longer serve me. A bundle can be used multiple times.

Empower Your Own Ritual. There are no strict rules when it comes to smudging. Trust your intuition and let your heart guide you. Whether it's a simple daily practice or a special ceremony, using prairie sage can be a deeply personal and empowering experience.

Light your sage bundle, let the smoke cleanse your space, and set intentions. Speak your own words, think of what you wish to release, and welcome the energy you want to bring in. This is your moment to create a ritual that feels meaningful to you.

Safety. Always keep burning sage within sight. Never leave it unattended. I encourage a fire-safe catch dish when burning inside.

Simple Smudge Mantra. If it's your first time, here is a simple mantra to get you started. With time you can add, replace, and adjust to make it your own. "With this smoke, I cleanse my space, welcoming peace, love, and grace."

Warm Reminder: Annual summer shop pause for the month of August. Back to nourishing your wellness in September.