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Rosemary is often found at Christmas time in wreaths and topiaries. If you follow the meaning of flowers, rosemary signifies love +  remembrance, making it a great holiday gift. Comes in 5" white metal pot. 

How to keep your rosemary alive indoors: Rosemary needs full sun, whether inside or out. Water the soil every two weeks (if the soil is dry), but always keep water in the drainage pan with the rocks in it. Because the plant likes to absorb moisture from the air, it will enjoy the water as it evaporates from the pan. Indoor air is usually drier than outdoor air. For that reason, and because rosemary is an “upside-down plant”—liking dry roots but moist foliage—fill a spray bottle with water and mist the foliage once or twice a week. If your plant seems to be struggling, you can actually cover the foliage with a plastic bag for a time to hold in more moisture and to reduce the shock of the transition from outdoors to indoors. Voila! Keep snipping away + using for cooking.