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Sleeping Head

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Heads up: we do not ship plants.
This product is currently only available for delivery in the BC Peace Region.

Beautiful right.

Crafted out of cement, this distinctive planter features a minimalist-style, bold with design. We have it holding the delicate southern maidenhair fern.

Perfect gift for that special someone that needs a loving reminder to slow down + breath.  A gift of wellbeing. 6.5" long



Maidenhair Fern Care: Partial sunlight/ indirect. While it needs to be kept moist as part of its maidenhair fern care, you need to be careful not to over water the plant. This can lead to root and stem rot. On the other hand, don’t let the maidenhair dry out either. But, in the event it does accidentally dry out, don’t be so quick to throw it away. Give it a good soaking and the maidenhair fern will eventually produce new leaves. She likes moisture.

Consider a bathroom with indirect sunlight/window.

Ferns are fantastic for removing common airborne pollutants — including formaldehyde, xylene, and toluene — which have been thought to cause headaches, trouble breathing, and the growth of cancerous cells.