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Soothe Soak Bath Bauble

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Soothing Herbal Soak. Calm + Nourishing.

Inspired by the gentle breeze and warm embrace of summer-Designed to peacefully nourish your body inside and out the other 8 months of the year. 

100% Organic Honey + Pacific Sea Salt + Farmed & Wildcrafted Botanicals.

Directions: Pour entire bauble contents in linen bag + hang off tub faucet. Fill tub with hot water. Soak 15-20 mins. Use remaining herbs in bag for a body scrub. Stay hydrated my friend. Exercise mindfulness + re-connect with purpose + attention. 

Pure - Clean - Simple Ingredients: honey + wild rose + chamomile + lavender + oatmeal + pacific sea salt + epsom salts + himalayan salt + distilled lavender + alberta wild rose.

125g or 230g reusable bauble ready for gifting - comes with linen bag + tag.

Natural ingredients without nasties are perishable - just like a delicious avocado - please use your products within 3 months of purchase. For external use only.