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Wellness Set

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Wellness Set.

Wellness Set Includes: open incense holder + handcrafted wellness tea + selective crystal wand.

Sometimes it's the small little reminder that matters most, actually it is always the small little reminder that matters most. This wellness set is that reminder. 

Open hand incense holder. Let us pray that our lives become like incense sticks, spreading a beautiful fragrance to the lives of one and all. -Amma. By far one of our best selling gifts and that makes me so happy. This beauty is made of resin and painted gold for an antique appearance. Each hand is engraved with an intricate henna-like pattern. (happy burning friend)

Wellness Tea. (decaffeinated) A strong spicy blend of herbs to synergistically strengthen a weakened or compromised immune system. perfect for flu season. Blended herbal infusion with local *ginger + *yarrow + *mint + cinnamon + cardamon + licorice root + elderflower. 8oz Gifting Jar. *Ingredients grown (farmed) in Alberta + BC. Alberta Proud. 

Selentine Crystal Wand. Used to cleanse the aura, move stagnant energy, and encourage flow + provides clarity + elevates the spirit + helps you access your intuition + vibrates at a very high frequency + promotes connection and camaraderie + enhances powers of manifestation.

Packaged + wrapped thoughtfully in tissue paper + twine.