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WINTER SOLSTICE room + linen spray

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As we gather in the embrace of darkness, we honor the return of light and the promise of renewal. It is a time to reflect, release what no longer serves us, and set intentions for the coming days when the sun's warm and brilliance grow once more. In this sacred moment, we find solace in the eternal cycle of nature, reminding us of the ever-present opportunity for inner transformation and the light that resides in us all.

100ml Glass Amber Bottle. Smells like Christmas or a forest frozen in time. Notes of balsam fir + eucalyptus + cedar + cinnamon + clove and vanilla bean. 

Crafted with an organic sugar cane alcohol base to ensure a long lasting scent, but gentle enough you could wear as a perfume. Featuring a recycled glass bottle and hemp biodegradable label.

Together we will make a big impact - with small changes like this.