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Winter Solstice Tea

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Seasonal. Curently SOLD OUT. I am just so darn excited this blend sold out another season. Thank You. Anticipate a replenishment in fall 2024, aligned with nature's rhythm.

Winter Solstice. (decaffeinated) 

winter tonic celebrating the transition by honouring both sides of the pendulum. nutritive + immune support + absolutely delicious. 

Winter Solstice Steeping Instructions: pour 1.5 cups of hot water over 1-2 tbs of herbs. cover + steep 5-10mins. enjoy. 

honey thief Pollinators Collection. What's the buzz about bees and tea? We personally think they naturally go together and we love anything natural. Whether it's the honey in your cup or the fact that without bees pollination many of our herbal crops won't grow. We have deep gratitude towards our pollinating friends and the plant magic they provide for us.

Note: Seasonal + only available in gifting jar. 

Blended herbal infusion with *lemon balm + *elderberry + *cedar tips + *chaga mushrooms + imported clove. 

*Ingredients grown (farmed) Canada.

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