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breathe. essential spray.

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Sold Out. Thank You so much for another successful season of this blend. It will be available early summer of 2024 when the ground is thaw and the herbs are back in bloom.

Handcrafted in Alberta. 100ml Glass Amber Bottle of Minty Goodness. 

breathe. An uplifting therapeutic blend intended to boost your immune system and reinvigorate your energy + clarity.

NOW Crafted with an organic sugar cane alcohol base to ensure a long lasting scent, gentle enough to wear as a perfume. 

Spray that sh*t on everything mist. -Its like a secret weapon in your regimen. Spray before that big meeting + presentation. Spray a couple shots in the shower for a beautiful minty experience and open everything up. Works well as a mid-afternoon work refresh + pick me up. Mark the transition from work to play. Before + during + after a yoga session. To set an intention before meditation. To clear that stagnant air in the car + locker room + ect. Brain fog + inspiration pick me up. Bedroom linens refresh.  

Key Ingredients: wild peppermint + spearmint + eucalyptus + lemon + rosemary.

I believe that what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in your body. Created with the desire to take better care of ourselves and the environment. Pure + Natural- the way earth mother intended.