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Calm Shower Steamer

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A blend of Lavender + Menthol.

Lavender combined with menthol crystals make for a calm and therapeutic spa-like experience at home. Perfect for the end of the day to encourage a restful sleep and restore mind and body with therapeutic grade essential oils. 

Allow the steam to diffuse the aromas, relax and breathe deeply. Menthol will help reduce congestion in the nose and lungs as the lavender will envelop you in its fresh herbal calmness. 

Bulk: Sold individually so that you can purchase as little or as much as you want and save on packaging. Packed in brown bakery bag. Handmade.

Gifting Box: Comes with 6 steamers in a 100% biodegradable- recycled box with bakers twine ready for gifting yourself or someone special. 

Recommend Storage: if you are ordering multiples placing them in a glass jar for storage will help them from absorbing any moisture and keep them fresh longer. 

Directions: simply place a shower steamer in your shower by your feet, and let the invigorating steam release the therapeutic aroma. 

Quick Note: If you spot some frosty specks on your shower steamers, no need to fret! Those little crystals are just a sign of the menthol doing its thing. We've chosen to dissolve them in water, not alcohol, for top-notch quality. Since we seal our shower steamers for freshness, you might see a bit of recrystallization – totally normal and won't affect your experience. It's just our way of ensuring you get the best, freshest product possible.

Pure + Simple + Natural Ingredients: baking soda + corn starch + citric acid + menthol crystals + lavender oil + witch hazel.