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Chamomile Hydrosol

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Chamomile Hydrosol. 100ml Bottle. Handcrafted in Alberta (steam distilled) using an alembic copper distiller from Portugal + Locally grown Chamomile. 

Pollinator Collection: What's the buzz about bees? Without bees pollination many of our herbal crops won't grow. We have deep gratitude towards our pollinating friends and the plant magic they provide for us

Please use within 6 months to ensure freshness or alternatively store in fridge up to one year. Chamomile Hydrosol has so many wonderful uses, below is just a handful. Send an email and let us know how you are using yours.

Chamomile Hydrosol Benefits:

Everyday Skin Care: cleanses the skin, helps to lighten complexion, tightens pores, gives skin a healthy radiant glow. Effective at soothing skin irritations + inflammations, especially helpful at relieving acne, rashes, nappy rash, itchy spots and redness. Great for windburn + sunburn.

Eye Care: soothe itchy, burning eyes by soaking cotton balls in hydrosol and placing them directly on the eyes. Keep your eyes closed.

Energy: mist over your pillow and bed linen to lightly fragrance with therapeutic aromatics to support a restful sleep.  Also can add to a diffuser to encourage relaxation + sleep.

Face Mist: Include our German Chamomile toner in your nighttime skincare routine. Its calming aroma and soothing properties for your skin will get you ready for bed and can encourage better sleep.

What's a Hydrosol? Hydrosols are distilled floral waters. They are made from a wide variety of aromatic and non-aromatic plant material, including leaves such as peppermint, flowers such as calendula, rhizomes such as ginger, fruits such as cucumber, and even seeds such as fennel. Because hydrosols are water-based and much less potent than essential oils, they’re easy to blend into therapeutic, cosmetic, culinary, and household recipes. The majority of hydrosols are even gentle enough to use with children, older adults, and pets.