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Grass Fed Purist || Honey + Tallow + Peppermint Balm

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Nutrient - dense tallow naturally coats lips to protect them from environmental stressors. Tallow has been used in skincare longer than most modern products have existed. Designed to heal - soften and nourish dry lips. 

This recipe is as old as the tradition of rendering tallow- using the wisdom of ancestral knowledge and the process that prioritizes intuition and experience over precise measurements. The composition of the balm will change throughout the year - offerings not just a product but a connection to the natural rhythms and cycles of the environment in which it was created.  

Natural Simple Ingredients: Local grass fed tallow + local raw honey + local beeswax + vitamin e + wild peppermint.

Thoughtfully handcrafted in biodegradable tube - so you can throw the empty package in compost or recycling when you're done + keep our Mother Earth thriving. 

Paperboard Push Tube: Have you tried one yet? I suppose there is a small learning curve- but its worth the effort. Simply push the bottom gently with your pinky and the balm will rise. If you push to far - push it back down with your lips or finger. Use your pointer or ring finger to hold the bottom as the tube balm loosens with use. Learning curve is over. Easy Right!

Note: Organic ingredients are always our first choice and used when available.