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Lilac || Farmed

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Experience the serene beauty of lilac perfume, delicately crafted with C02 extract to preserve the pure, enchanting essence of lilacs. The soft green tint, naturally derived from chlorophyll, adds a touch of natures natural elegance. This fragrance captures the fresh floral allure of lilacs, perfect for those who seek a harmonious blend of botanical luxury and simplicity.

Farmed Lilac || .25 oz Perfume Bottle. Before applying, gently shake the bottle to awaken the oils energies. Then, anoint your pulse points-such as wrists and neck. Pure absolute lilac blended with organic apricot oil.

Seasonal Collection: Discover and harmonious flow of nature with Mother Natures rhythm. Each product is thoughtfully crafted to capture the essence of the changing seasons, bringing the natural world's beauty and vitality into your daily routine. Embrace the rhythms of nature and enhance your well-being with seasonal offerings.