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Natural Linen Dishtowel Towel

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100% Linen || Timeless || 18"x28" || Lint Free || Quick Drying

Framed in a delicate hemstitch detail, the casual elegance of these linen dishtowels complement a mellow Sunday brunch or a gathering for a gourmet meal. Naturally luxurious. Made from high- quality flax fibres, linen boasts a blend of durability, absorbency, and natural beauty. They truly do get better with wear + time. Unlike cotton, linen is known for its ability to dry quickly and resist bacteria, making them a hygienic option for daily kitchen use. Their lightweight and lint-free nature ensures a streak free shine on dishes and glassware, enhancing the efficiency of kitchen chores. With each wash, linen becomes softer and more pliable, ensuring that your towel will not only preform beautifully but all contribute to a sustainable and eco-friendly kitchen. 

Love Care Instructions: Machine wash cold, tumble dry low, high iron, do not bleach
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