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Rejuvenating Antioxidant Balm || Vanilla Bean Balm

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The Perfect Everyday Balm. Designed to keep your pucker soft and naturally youthful for as long as we can with antioxidant-rich, omega-heavy fruit oils to fight free radicals. Created with the rejuvenating properties of Calendula -Rosehip - Prickly Pear -Sea Buckthorn- Vitamin E and Kukui Nut Oil.

Backstory: This balm was created selfishly for myself. I don't have the biggest or fullest lips and have never been really good at getting lip balm directly on my always seems to slightly pour over. I turn 46 this year and with that wisdom, comes the start of fine lines around my lip area. When applying, I absolutely encourage you to slightly hit those lip edges and allow those oils to penetrate.... so it works both the lips and fine lines. Ladies, may we all age naturally and gracefully.

Natural Simple Ingredients: Castor Seed Oil + Cocoa Seed Butter +  Beeswax + Palm Kernel Oil + Shea Butter +  Calendula Oil + Kukui Nut Oil + Vitamin E + Sea Buckthorn Oil + Prickly Pear Oil + Rosehip Oil + Vanilla Bean.

Thoughtfully handcrafted in biodegradable tube - so you can throw the empty package in compost or recycling when you're done + keep our Mother Earth thriving. 

Paperboard Push Tube: Have you tried one yet? I suppose there is a small learning curve- but its worth the effort. Simply push the bottom gently with your pinky and the balm will rise. If you push to far - push it back down with your lips or finger. Use your pointer or ring finger to hold the bottom as the tube balm loosens with use. Learning curve is over. Easy Right!

Note: Organic ingredients are always our first choice and used when available.