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Relief Shower Steamer

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A blend of Wintergreen + Eucalyptus + Rosemary + Camphor and Cajeput combined with Menthol Crystals.

An incredibly healing shower experience to soothe headaches + migraines and sinus congestion. Allow the steam to diffuse the aromas, relax and breathe deeply.

Bulk: Sold individually so that you can purchase as little or as much as you want and save on packaging. Packed in brown bakery bag. Handmade. 

Gifting Box: Comes with 6 steamers in a 100% biodegradable- recycled box with bakers twine ready for gifting yourself or someone special. 

Recommend Storage: if you are ordering multiples placing them in a glass jar for storage will help them from absorbing any moisture and keep them fresh longer. 

Directions: simply place a shower steamer in your shower, and let the invigorating steam release the therapeutic aroma. 

Quick Note: If you spot some frosty specks on your shower steamers, no need to fret! Those little crystals are just a sign of the menthol doing its thing. We've chosen to dissolve them in water, not alcohol, for top-notch quality. Since we seal our shower steamers for freshness, you might see a bit of recrystallization – totally normal and won't affect your experience. It's just our way of ensuring you get the best, freshest product possible.

Pure + Simple + Natural Ingredients: baking soda + corn starch + citric acid + menthol crystals  + witch hazel + eucalyptus + rosemary + camphor + cajeput + wintergreen oil.