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Spring Equinox Tea

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Spring Equinox Tea. (decaffeinated) Not available in eco bag per cup.

A powerful mineral rich tonic celebrating springs most beloved herbs in our bioregion, restorative + nutritive + relaxing. Enjoy me after a hot bath - yoga or meditation session. The perfect tonic to slug off the winter funk or kick start a cleansing detox program. 

Cold Brew instructions: Combine 16oz of cold water and 1-2 tbs of tea in lidded jar. Mason jars work great. Shake jar to make sure the tea is saturated. Place in refrigerator or cool place for at least two hours and or overnight for a strong brew. Strain and enjoy as is or on ice. 

Healthy + Glowing + Hydrated. Cold water extracts at a different spectrum of photochemical than hot water. When you extract in cold water none of the temperature sensitive vitamins and minerals are lost so its a delicate more complex flavour. Such a delicious + extra healthy way to get your water intake up.  Hot Steeping instructions: Bring fresh water to boil. Pour 8oz over 1-2 tbs of herbs. Steep covered 4-8 minutes. Enjoy!

Seasonal Collection: Discover and harmonious flow of nature with Mother Natures rhythm. Each product is thoughtfully crafted to capture the essence of the changing seasons, bringing the natural world's beauty and vitality into your daily routine. Embrace the rhythms of nature and enhance your well-being with seasonal offerings. 

Blended herbal infusion with *wild rose + *raspberry leaf + *nettle + *peppermint + fennel. *Ingredients grown (farmed) Canada.

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