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A blend of wintergreen + eucalyptus + rosemary + camphor and cajeput combined with menthol crystals make for an incredibly healing shower experience to soothe headaches + migraines and sinus congestion.

Sold individually so that you can purchase as little or as much as you want and save on packaging. Packed in brown bakery bag. 24-27g cubes.

Recommend Storage: if you are ordering multiples placing them in a glass jar for storage will help them from absorbing any moisture and keep them fresh longer. 

Directions: simply place a shower steamer in your shower, and let the invigorating steam release the therapeutic aroma.

Pure + Simple + Natural Ingredients: baking soda + corn starch + citric acid + menthol crystals + sunflower oil + witch hazel + eucalyptus + rosemary + camphor + cajeput + wintergreen oil.

Special Order Note: I make custom order/steamers with your choice of added essential oils such as sweet orange - rosemary - cedar or lavender for a customized experience or to target certain respiratory ailments. Please reach out if you are interested. (50 cube min order + 4 day process time)